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Meet Jane

I am Jane and I have a serious cake addiction… no but really, I LOVE CAKE! I have such joyful memories of cake stemming from my childhood and beyond. After years of obsessive home baking for my always willing cake testers (my first daughter has to be half chocolate fudge cake at this point) What Jane Baked was born from my kitchen table.


Quality Ingredients

My cake menu has been carefully created to ensure that there is a wide range of flavors to choose from and to cater to the most exciting tastebuds. I take pride in everything I bake and when it comes to ingredients I believe that quality really comes through in the tasting. I only use free-range eggs and the highest quality extracts, chocolate, sugar, and butter. I also work with some of the most incredible florists to ensure the blooms I use are seasonal and beautiful.


“Having seen Jane's beautiful Instagram grid, I knew any cake she made for us would be amazing, but when we saw what she had put together from our ideas we were absolutely blown away by how incredible they were, I couldn’t have even imagined such a wonderful cake!”

Casey H.



Recent publication of What Jane Baked's work

Forsyth Woman

"Specializing in buttercream flowers and petal work, What Jane Baked is not only Jane’s first business venture in the world of cake-making, but it is also her creative outlet."


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